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LOCAL - Alexandria American Legion Post Scholarship



Due Date

2/28/2021 12:00 AM

End Time

2/28/2021 11:59 PM


The scholarship is open to all Hanson high school seniors planning to pursue higher education (whether college/university, technical school or the military). The award will be chosen by the local American Legion from those that applied. Criteria will be to select the boy & girl senior who best exemplify COURAGE, HONOR, LEADERSHIP, PATRIOTISM, SCHOLARSHIP and SERVICE in their lives. The scholarship will be awarded at graduation. The award will be made out to the student. The American Legion would like the award to be used to offset tuition costs. Please include the following: • An American Legion Character Trait essay evaluating yourself on one or more of the character traits listed: COURAGE, HONOR, LEADERSHIP, PATRIOTISM, SCHOLARSHIP and SERVICE. Allow these trait to be the stones of the foundation in which you construct your life. (one page limit) • Submit this cover sheet with your American Legion Character Trait essay prior to the deadline Amount: $200 (2 awards; 1 male & 1 female)



All Day Event



Every year on February 28



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